HPC & Big Data

DRS High Performance Computing (HPC) technologies full fill the gap between the computational power of traditional super computers and computational power that is now required by organizations for various business solutions.

Our solutions address computational requirements for various applications including:

  • Processes Optimization
  • Simulation & Modelling
  • Data Mining
  • HPC Architectures
  • CPU / GPU Clusters

We offer a complete solution & services on high performance computing with its rich expertise of HPC Infra Design, Build & support.

The services include CPU base HPC, GPU based HPC (NVIDIA & AMD ), & PFS Storage Solutions.

We implement solution using Open Source to build HPC Solutions. We also have expertise in commercial solutions from popular ISV like Altair

DRS help its customer to analyze, systematically extract information from data thereby enabling strategic & faster decisions that help in best business outcome. Leveraging our solutions around big data, enterprises can solve many problems. We design, build and implement enterprise-wide big data strategies, create effective roadmaps, and develop a real competitive advantage in the marketplace.