Unified Communication

Unified Communication (UC) is an application fabric that defines user experience in communicating and collaborating effectively across a variety of screens. In contemporary times, enterprise users access information through a number of devices such as desktops, phones, smart phones and tablets. These devices are entrenched into a resilient network fabric that allows them to port voice, video, email, instant messaging, enterprise and personal directory lists onto a single device of choice. Users and enterprises are provided with the flexibility of bringing their own devices to plug into the network for Unified Collaboration and Communication.
The convergence of different modes of communication on a broad range of devices based on a combination of policy, preference, presence and availability will simplify user experience in today’s rapidly evolving communication channels. The ability to route communication accordingly ultimately reduces latency associated with human interactions. It also improves user productivity, translating into business efficiency and improves the efficiency of real-time synchronous communications enabling faster and richer collaboration within and outside the enterprise.

DRS core strength lies in the delivery of:

  • Seamless integration of disparate application and communication devices and networks into a unified platform as a service
  • Robust interfaces from the core communication engine on SIP with messaging, audio and video conferencing, telephony and contacts, presence and instant messaging connectors
  • Seamless integration with third party.
  • A completely flexible and secure platform offering greater responsiveness with real-time and non-real-time communications from anywhere
  • Increased effectiveness with expanded communications capability
  • Real-time interaction through video collaboration, facilitating faster decision making, increased productivity, multi-location reach and definite competitive edge