Intelligent Video Technology


We know the special requirement and the environment of the industry & retail sector in detail. The customized solutions based on video technology not only provide comprehensive security, but also enable great savings and profit potential through process optimization. CYBERSECURITY is a top priority at DRS and is a sensitive subject in every industrial company.
DRS video analytics automatically analyze live, streaming video from CCTV, surveillance and embedded cameras to provide actionable alerts for security events, eliminating false alarms and reducing the need for manual monitoring.

We have below some use Case that we do thru Video Analytic using Artificial Intelligence

Video Analytics is gaining lot of ground in both public and private sectors to protect people and assets against harm, working on concepts of motion detection and pattern recognition. Enabling systems with Video Analytics essentially means making video surveillance systems smarter, more accurate, and more manageable for systems and users so that malicious activities are accounted for and evaluated before this result in some form of damage. Besides benefitting surveillance operations, Video Analytics is also gaining momentum in retail businesses for market analysis by creating datasets on varied parameters including footfall count, gender count, display effectiveness, trend analysis, etc.